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The High Costs Of Property Disputes

Any type of property dispute can be disastrous. Whether you risk losing property, losing out on a variance to operate your business, losing an easement of access or facing a lawsuit involving property, there is a lot at stake. It is critical at this time to work with a team of experienced, trusted lawyers.

At Stepanian & Menchyk LLP, we are a premier real estate litigation firm in Butler County, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas. Since 1980 in our current form, we have been helping businesses and individuals with commercial and residential real estate law and property dispute matters. Clients throughout western Pennsylvania trust Stepanian & Menchyk LLP to protect their interests and their properties in negotiation and at trial.

Litigation Experience

When a case has to be litigated, there is no substitute for courtroom experience. But even when a dispute is in negotiations, having courtroom experience is an invaluable asset. When we are discussing settlement possibilities with opposing counsel, we come into the discussion with a realistic understanding of what would happen if the case were to go to court. This gives us an important edge in these negotiations.

At Stepanian & Menchyk LLP, our attorneys have real courtroom experience. In our nearly 40 years of experience, we have litigated countless property disputes for our clients, and this experience brings positive results for our current clients.

Litigating A Range Of Property Law Matters

We litigate property law matters that include:

  • Boundary and property line disputes
  • Easement disputes
  • Landlord-tenant disputes (both residential and commercial)
  • Contract disputes/breach of contract
  • HOA disputes
  • Construction disputes

We focus on winning our clients’ cases, but there is more to winning than just getting the end result. Our lawyers also focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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