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Tips for selling your home

On Behalf of | May 23, 2022 | Real Estate

Selling a home can be exciting for any Pennsylvania resident. It’s important to have the right tips at your disposal during the process.

Clean and declutter

It’s a good idea to thoroughly clean and clear out clutter when selling your home. You might want to rent a storage unit to hold certain items and furniture to show off the rooms in your home. Keep your closets well-organized and make everything presentable for prospective buyers. The less clutter, the better your chances of impressing buyers.

Hire an agent

Hiring a real estate agent is important. They can help you in all aspects of selling your home. However, make sure they only represent you and not potential homebuyers as well. Real estate agents cannot fairly represent both sellers and buyers due to their incentive to earn a higher commission on a home sale. Let your agent know up front that you don’t want them to also represent the buyer while they represent you.

Choose the best list price

When selling your home, it’s crucial to set the best price. It might be tempting to ask for more, but it’s wise to sell your home slightly lower than other homes in the area that are comparable. It can help to increase interest and cause more prospective buyers to consider your home.

Make quick repairs

Many homes need small repairs that can be made quickly. These are easy fixes and might include an extra coat of paint, loose door handles, leaky faucets or new electrical outlets. Minor fixes can make all the difference in terms of the interest of prospective homebuyers.

Add curb appeal

Curb appeal is an important aspect you should never overlook when you want to sell your house. Often, you can add some by sprucing up your front lawn. You might even want to repaint your front door or add some ornaments on your porch to attract attention.

Get an inspection

You need an inspection on your home when planning to sell. It ensures that everything is working properly and that your home is sturdy and in good condition. This draws more buyers.